1. Client Testimonials: Kentucky Eye Care Optical

    Compulink CEO Link Wilson was recently featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss the features and benefits of our practice management software. The Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® team also connected with one of our longtime clients, Kentucky Eye Care, to discuss their experience working with our system. Here’s what they had to say:    Compulink Offers a Unique…Read More

  2. Client Testimonials: Athens Eye Doctors and Surgeons

    Not to brag, but the team here at Compulink has created Advantage SMART Practice®, an AI-driven, all-in-one EHR and practice management solution to help take practice efficiency to the next level.  Recently our CEO and founder, Link Wilson, was featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®. During filming, a few of our clients were also interviewed so you can see what our EHR solution look…Read More

  3. Going Cloud for EHR Software? What you need to know before you go!

    All Cloud Software is Not Created Equal If you’re considering a Cloud-based practice management software solution, it’s important to understand that not all Cloud software is the same. There are Web applications that can run in the Cloud; there are also Windows applications that run in the Cloud. While both use the internet to connect to servers, storage, databases, and your EHR software, that…Read More

  4. How to Avoid Being an EHR Data Hostage: 4 Key Questions to Ask

    If you’ve tried to leave your electronic health records software vendor and they’ve told you they will not give you your patient data or you need to pay to get it, you’re not alone. Legally, it’s the patient’s data and you as the doctor are the steward of your patient data. But unfortunately, some EHR software vendors will try to withhold patient data to hold on to you as a customer. So,…Read More

  5. Compulink Advantage SMART Practice® Featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

    Here at Compulink, we constantly work to be on the cutting edge of practice management software. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive clinic software solution that is specialty-specific and fully integrated so our clients can enjoy a seamless workflow, better productivity, a streamlined billing process, and an ease of use that means physicians and staff will actually use it. Our founder and CEO, L…Read More

  6. Big Benefits Of Revenue Cycle Management

    The widespread perception is that most physicians go into medicine with a desire to help people. While those more altruistic motives are why so many stay in their chosen profession, it’s important to remember that healthcare is also a business. And, for any practice not using a revenue cycle management service, the business side of things is likely suffering. When it comes to an in-house billing…Read More

  7. Optimizing Patient Flow To Improve Care Quality And Operations

    Patient flow may feel as if it is only a major concern for hospitals and health systems, but on a smaller scale, it can be just as impactful to the operation of clinics and private practices. Not only does poor patient flow impede day-to-day operations, but it can also impact your bottom line in a variety of ways — some of which may not even seem directly impacted. If your practice is looking fo…Read More

  8. Improve Your Processes With Professional Medical Billing Services

    In most industries, it makes perfect sense to keep billing in-house. Simple payroll software is available to help the smaller businesses, and most larger businesses can afford to pay for billing specialists. When it comes to a hospital or even a single-specialty medical practice, however, an in-house billing team may actually be a disservice. Here’s why it is more beneficial to hire a revenue cy…Read More

  9. Ready To Drive Patient Engagement? Turn To Technology – Part 2

    Technology can either be a boon or a hindrance. When it comes to practice management software, the key is not only to embrace technology, but also to choose options that will make your practice’s workflow easier. Neither your staff nor your patients are likely to use any engagement tools if they are too much of an annoyance! As we mentioned in part one of this blog series, an online patient port…Read More

  10. Ready To Drive Patient Engagement? Turn To Technology

    So many advances in technology are driven by human need (or desire). This accounts for everything from broad-spectrum issues to small annoyances. For example, we needed faster, safer ways to travel, which led to trains, automobiles, and airplanes. We craved easier, quicker means of communication, which led to the telephone, the internet, smartphones, and so many related innovations. In the world o…Read More