1. MyEyeStore from Advantage Smart Practice®

    In today’s digital world, the consumer-demand for online shopping options has hit an all-time high — and the optometry industry is no exception. As more and more people grow accustomed to the realities of on-demand, easy-to-use ordering platforms, from food delivery apps to Amazon, companies like Compulink are working to improve the operations of health care providers. Introducing MyEyeStore, …Read More

  2. Over 20 Years Using Compulink has Helped this O.D.

    Compulink’s Optometry EHR Solution Can Increase Efficiency and Success This is the story of a practice that was referred to Compulink more than 20 years ago and is still running strong to this day. Compulink has managed to stay one step ahead of all the changes and obstacles that optometry has faced over the years to ensure it’s Advantage solution has all the right tools and functionality for …Read More

  3. Advantage SMART Practice – Comprehensive EHR Software

      The Advantage SMART Practice® EHR and Practice Management Solution goes beyond improving clinical documentation and efficiency — it completely eliminates costly and time-consuming tasks from the day-to-day operations of your practice, allowing you to focus on what really matters — providing superior patient care. Interested in learning more? Request a free demo today!   No matter…Read More

  4. The Value in EHR-Software Integrated Telehealth

    As coronavirus (COVID-19) rapidly spreads across the globe, we are seeing an increasing number of communities choosing to enact “stay at home” orders to slow the spread. The really magical thing about technology is that it is giving us all a way to stay connected and allows most people to keep working from home despite the “stay at home” order. For those in healthcare, however, technology …Read More

  5. MyEyeStore Takes Your Brick & Mortar Optical Store Online

    Maintaining product inventory, offering prompt prescription fills, and coordinating pickups can be some of the most time-consuming aspects of running an optical business.  Compulink recently added MyEyeStore technology to our comprehensive suite of practice management software as a way to provide the business solution your optometry practice needs! This addition to our software and services is de…Read More

  6. Client Testimonials: Kentucky Eye Care Optical

    Compulink CEO Link Wilson was recently featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss the features and benefits of our practice management software. The Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® team also connected with one of our longtime clients, Kentucky Eye Care, to discuss their experience working with our system. Here’s what they had to say:    Compulink Offers a Unique…Read More

  7. Client Testimonials: Athens Eye Doctors and Surgeons

    Not to brag, but the team here at Compulink has created Advantage SMART Practice®, an AI-driven, all-in-one EHR and practice management solution to help take practice efficiency to the next level.  Recently our CEO and founder, Link Wilson, was featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®. During filming, a few of our clients were also interviewed so you can see what our EHR solution look…Read More

  8. Going Cloud for EHR Software? What you need to know before you go!

    All Cloud Software is Not Created Equal If you’re considering a Cloud-based practice management software solution, it’s important to understand that not all Cloud software is the same. There are Web applications that can run in the Cloud; there are also Windows applications that run in the Cloud. While both use the internet to connect to servers, storage, databases, and your EHR software, that…Read More

  9. How to Avoid Being an EHR Data Hostage: 4 Key Questions to Ask

    If you’ve tried to leave your electronic health records software vendor and they’ve told you they will not give you your patient data or you need to pay to get it, you’re not alone. Legally, it’s the patient’s data and you as the doctor are the steward of your patient data. But unfortunately, some EHR software vendors will try to withhold patient data to hold on to you as a customer. So,…Read More

  10. Compulink Advantage SMART Practice® Featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

    Here at Compulink, we constantly work to be on the cutting edge of practice management software. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive clinic software solution that is specialty-specific and fully integrated so our clients can enjoy a seamless workflow, better productivity, a streamlined billing process, and an ease of use that means physicians and staff will actually use it. Our founder and CEO, L…Read More