Maximize efficiency with the EHR created for chiropractors

Streamline your workday, improve profitability, and enhance patient care with Chiropractic Advantage, a truly remarkable chiropractic healthcare software.

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We Support the Way You Work 

Advantage is a chiropractic healthcare software that includes customizable templates to support the documentation needs of chiropractors.

Adaptive Learning Technology

Our EHR learns your individual practice patterns as you chart, and automatically adapts to your style of practice.

Complete All-in-One Solution

We offer a single solution for your entire office workflow including EHR, Practice Management, inventory management, and a patient portal.


Our powerful task automation App that automates repetitive tasks including reporting, patient communications, and staff to-do’s. Learn More

We’re the most flexible software you can buy

Screens, workflows, reports, standard of care plans – Advantage is a chiropractic healthcare software that lets you easily customize them all to support your exact style of practice.

Mobile Patient Engagement

In-office patient engagement to increase your bottom line! Learn More.

We’re the most powerful Cloud EHR on your PC, iPad, and Tablet

Enjoy anywhere, anytime access to patient records, your schedule, and all of the great features of your Advantage chiropractic software.

Revenue Cycle Management

We even offer an Expert Billing Service to get you paid more, faster.

Outstanding Training and Support

Our responsive, knowledgeable support and training team is by your side every step of the way to ensure your EHR success.

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Mobile Patient Engagement

Stay connected, reduce no-shows, and market your services

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Advantage SMART Practice®

Using artificial intelligence to help you achieve optimal efficiency.

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Advantage RCM

Do less work and get paid more faster with our expert billing services.

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