The Problem: Launch a Startup Practice without Getting Overwhelmed
“I interned in a chiropractic office that did everything on paper and I knew that wasn’t what I wanted when I set up my own practice,” says Morgan Baker, DC, owner of Aslan Chiropractic Center in Eagan, Minn. “Keeping things paperless, for me, was a smart environmental move.” She says it was also a good way to keep her sanity during the challenging transition from school to running a practice. “If I hadn’t had Compulink’s Chiropractic Advantage to integrate my schedule, notes, and billing, I would have been lost,” she says. “As a solo provider without any staff, I felt strongly that an EHR system was an essential part of my startup costs.”

The Solution: A Comprehensive System that Integrates Practice Management Functions
“I did a lot of research to find the right system,” says Dr. Baker. “I wanted a notes program that would help me keep accurate, consistent records and be efficient at the same time. For me, that meant that it needed to be highly customizable.”

With Chiropractic Advantage, she found that she could get all the practice management tools she needed in one package. “I really wanted the schedule, notes, and billing in a single integrated system so that I could keep track of everything easily and not worry about whether all the pieces could ‘talk’ to each other,” says Dr. Baker. She says having Compulink as a technology partner was almost like having a staffer to help out. “Compulink’s Customer Care department did an awesome job of fielding my questions, no matter how basic or obscure. They didn’t just sell me the software and leave me on my own,” she says. “They made sure I knew what I was doing so I could launch on time and successfully.”

The Result: Practice Efficiency and Peace of Mind
“So much of how you run your practice is determined by how you take your notes, and vice versa,” says Dr. Baker. In the weeks before opening her practice, she spent some time customizing her Compulink system, creating new exam screens with individual tabs for tests performed with the patient standing, lying down, and sitting. “Compulink’s automated features almost eliminate the need to type during the exam. I organized the screens to support my exam flow so the system complements the way I practice rather than slowing me down. Had I purchased a system that couldn’t be customized, it would have been a much more frustrating transition,” she says.

The integration with billing and scheduling means that Dr. Baker only enters information once for each patient, and she can easily run reports on outstanding action items. “Not only is that a huge time-saver, but it really gives me peace of mind to know that I haven’t forgotten to follow up on something or missed a detail that was written down elsewhere,” she says.

Pearls for Success
“Everyone is focused on the bottom line. But in choosing a practice management solution, you also need to consider your sanity,” says Dr. Baker. “If a piecemeal system doesn’t really work for your practice or make your life easier, it’s not a good value. Spending a little more for a comprehensive system and the support you need to be successful is worth every penny.”

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