1. MyEyes Optometry

    Four years ago, N.C.-based MyEyes Optometry was poised for expansion, but practice owner Alan L. Byrd, OD, didn’t want growth to have any negative impact on patient care. In fact, as he acquired other practices, he wanted the transition to be as seamless as possible for patients. As the practice grew from just himself and one other optometrist to 6 doctors in 5 offices, “We really had one goal…Read More

  2. Midwestern University’s Arizona College of Optometry

    When Midwestern University’s Arizona College of Optometry (AZCOPT) opened the doors last year to its inaugural class of optometry students, college administrators knew it was important to embrace the future of health care from the start. “New optometry students are already very facile with all types of electronic systems—to require them to document exams on paper would really be a step backw…Read More

  3. Mountain View Eye Associates

    When Mountain View Eye Associates in Altoona, PA., transitioned to electronic health records (EHR) in 2009, they left Compulink’s practice management software in favor of Eyefinity®/OfficeMate®. “We assumed that all practice management systems were basically equal,” says partner Fred E. Petrunak, OD. “OfficeMate seemed to have a comprehensive EHR system, and we thought we’d save a lot …Read More

  4. Northwest Optometry, LLC

    Optometrists Joseph and Peter Studebaker are partners in Englewood, Ohio’s Northwest Optometry, LLC, a full-scope private practice with an emphasis on contact lens fitting and medical care. “Our dad founded this practice more than 45 years ago and some of our charts date back nearly that far,” says Dr. Joseph Studebaker. “Not only was it becoming increasingly difficult to manage the volume…Read More

  5. International Eye Care

    The EHR that Pays for Itself Within the First 18-months As President of International Eye Care (IEC), Teresa Carter was already looking to move into electronic health records (EHR). But she also saw a need for more business data to give her better control over a rapidly growing practice. IEC had grown from a single office to 9 locations in Illinois and Missouri, and was starting to feel the growin…Read More

  6. Total Eye Care

    Richard Driscoll, OD, is a longtime proponent of electronic health records (EHR). As the owner of Total Eye Care with offices in Colleyville and Keller, Texas, he’s been using Compulink’s Eyecare Advantage/EHRTM for 10 years and says his small practice has benefitted tremendously from going paperless. But he suspected there were even more gains to be made. “Over time, we’ve collected a lot…Read More

  7. Michael K. Tran, MD

    “More than 50% of my patients are insured by an HMO, a trend I see continuing at both the local and national level,” says Michael K. Tran, MD, a solo practitioner in Orange County, Calif. “In fact,the requirements for doctors to justify the necessity and cost-effectiveness of our treatments will only increase,” he maintains. A major challenge in treating managed care patients is the extens…Read More

  8. Eye & Laser Physicians

    “When I had to purchase 10 rolling carts to handle the stacks of charts we were moving around every day, I knew it was time for a change,” says George Gunshefski, administrator for Eye & Laser Physicians, a comprehensive ophthalmology practice in Walla Walla, Washington. Linda Gunshefski, MD, who also happens to be his sister, had bought out the practice she worked in for 10 years and was …Read More

  9. Elmquist Eye Group

    “I was tired of wheeling around a grocery cart full of charts,” says Trevor Elmquist, DO, of Fort Myers, Florida. Electronic records seemed to be the solution to the hassles of juggling charts among three practice locations. “But I’m not a tech wizard, so the thought of moving to EHR was a little scary,” he admits. “There are people who love nothing better than digging into the nuts an…Read More

  10. Eye and Laser Center of Fort Collins

    “Medicare has made it clear that it wants doctors to move into electronic health records (EHR) and I fully expect major insurance companies to follow suit,” says Andrew M. Norris, MD, a Fort Collins, Colorado, ophthalmologist who employs one part-time clinician and 8 staff members. About 40% of his patient base is Medicare patients, and that share is growing. “There is no doubt in my mind…Read More