1. Pathways Counseling Center – An EHR & Practice Management Success Story

    Pathways Counseling Center is part of a nonprofit organization that provides educational and enrichment opportunities for at-risk girls in Alameda County, Calif. The center employs 10 staff clinicians, and up to a dozen graduate student interns at any given time. “As a community mental health agency, we receive grant funding from a number of sources that require us to report data on the number a…Read More

  2. Decatur Psychological Associates – An EHR & Practice Management Success Story

    When Decatur Psychological Associates, a Christian counseling practice, was launched in June, 2005, it was a solo endeavor. “The owner invested in an electronic health records (EHR) system that was new to the market but was supposed to be geared specifically to therapists,” says office manager Elizabeth Callison. But the untested EHR had problems almost from the start. “It wasn’t HIPAA com…Read More

  3. DeKalb Optometric Associates

    With 3 optometrists, 11 staff, and a 63-year track record of providing comprehensive eye care, DeKalb Optometric Associates is one of the most respected practices in northern Illinois. But when Victor Verbic, OD, joined the practice in 2008, he found a billing system in complete disarray. In an effort to cut costs, the practice had switched from Compulink’s practice management software to Eyefin…Read More

  4. West Chiropractic – An EHR & Practice Management Success Story

    The Problem: Move an Established Chiropractic Practice to EHR Cincinnati, Ohio-based West Chiropractic Inc., offers chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy. Two years ago, they decided to move decades of paper records into an electronic health records (EHR) system. “There’s a clear mandate from the federal government to move to EHR,” says owner Hal C. Fine, DC. “And we are…Read More

  5. Evans Chiropractic – An EHR & Practice Management Success Story

    The Problem: Launch a Lean, Multidisciplinary Practice When Nate Evans, DC, launched his multidisciplinary practice in Pocatello, Idaho, in 2006, he wasn’t interested in hiring a large staff or allocating a lot of resources for chart storage. “I was looking for an electronic health records (EHR) system that would link together notes, billing, and practice management so that I could manage the …Read More

  6. Aslan Chiropractic Center – An EHR & Practice Management Success Story

    The Problem: Launch a Startup Practice without Getting Overwhelmed “I interned in a chiropractic office that did everything on paper and I knew that wasn’t what I wanted when I set up my own practice,” says Morgan Baker, DC, owner of Aslan Chiropractic Center in Eagan, Minn. “Keeping things paperless, for me, was a smart environmental move.” She says it was also a good way to keep her sa…Read More

  7. Wheatfield Physical Therapy

    Mark Milleville, PT, had worked for 14 years in a large group practice that relied on an electronic practice management system, so he had seen the benefits of automation firsthand. “When I opened Wheatfield Physical Therapy in North Tonawanda, N.Y., I purposely wanted to keep it small,” he says. “My partner and I planned to do most of the billing and financial management ourselves, so we kne…Read More

  8. Vector Rehabilitation

    A year ago, Vector Rehabilitation in Eureka, Calif., was facing big problems: $70,000 in past-due payables and nearly $200,000 in receivables aging. “We were heading into a financial hole,” says CEO Bill Ruff. He and his colleagues on the board of Vector, a nonprofit community benefit organization, were considering bankruptcy protection or selling the organization’s assets and closing it dow…Read More

  9. River Valley Therapy & Sports Medicine

    When Gabe Freyaldenhoven, PT, opened the doors of his Russellville, AR, clinic in 2001, he had no idea how fast it would grow. “I started out with a billing system designed for physicians but we quickly outpaced its ability to handle the quirks of coding and billing for therapy,” he says. Today, the practice has 6 physical and occupational therapists, an exercise physiologist, a business manag…Read More

  10. Pinnacle Physical Therapy

    When Pinnacle Physical Therapy opened in Maple Valley, Wash., in 2004, the practice had some basic billing software. Within a year, though, it was obvious that Pinnacle was rapidly outgrowing its rudimentary billing system. “We needed something much more dynamic to support our growing practice,” says Joshua Lyons, Pinnacle’s business administrator. He expected the big challenge to be finding…Read More