The Advantage SMART Practice® EHR and Practice Management Solution goes beyond improving clinical documentation and efficiency — it completely eliminates costly and time-consuming tasks from the day-to-day operations of your practice, allowing you to focus on what really matters — providing superior patient care. Interested in learning more? Request a free demo today!


No matter your field, this all-in-one, EHR software can save you time, effort, and money by bringing unprecedented efficiency, functionality, and automation to your operations. Better yet, Compulink’s Advantage SMART Practice is the industry’s most flexible, fully customizable product, and has been tailored to fit the specific needs of 18 specialty practices. In today’s post, we are going to highlight some key benefits of the Advantage SMART Practice solution, as well as the specialty specific features available for Addiction, Dermatology, and Optometry practices. 


Patients Can Schedule Their Appointments Online

In today’s modern age, people are accustomed to having everything at the tip of their fingers. Our increasingly digitized world has made ease and convenience the standard, not the aspiration, of patients seeking medical appointments. The online scheduling and web registration features of Advantage SMART Practice are designed to keep your appointment flow strong and consistent, by providing patients with a simple, mobile, scheduling process that they can complete from their smartphone or computer. This feature doesn’t just allow patients to schedule online, they can also receive text reminders and confirm their appointment with the click of a button. As their appointment approaches, patients can register ahead of time, eliminating the need for your staff to confirm appointments or manually enter patient information. With Advantage SMART Practice, your patients don’t have to find time to call and schedule an appointment during business hours. Instead, they can book at any time, weekends included, and our system will take care of the rest. 


Video Chat Capabilities and OneTab EHR Software

The Advantage SMART Practice solution has built-in video chat capabilities, making it easy for patients to receive care in the comfort of their own homes. In the increasingly volatile medical world, where some patients may not feel safe coming to a doctor’s office unless absolutely necessary, this can be the difference between getting an appointment, or losing a potential patient. No matter your specialty, you need to take advantage of non-contact appointments when possible, or your patients will find someone who will. Additionally, our fully customizable, ONC Certified, OneTab EHR software let’s you document your entire exam from ONE screen, whether your appointment was in person or online. The Advantage SMART Practice solution from Compulink is the present and future of medical practices who are looking to streamline their appointment and documentation processes. 


Expert Revenue Cycle Management Team

Without a trusted medical billing and data management partner, your practice loses time, energy, and resources managing revenue streams, claims, collections, and other operational headaches. The all-in-one, Advantage SMART Practice Solution can eliminate these burdens from your workflow. After your exam is coded, the Advantage SMART Practice Revenue Cycle Management Team will step in and handle any insurance claims on your behalf, and make it easy for your patients to pay their bills online. With these premium RCM and online billing features, there is simply no need for in-house billers — so look forward to increased profit margins and a vastly improved patient experience. Ready to take your practice to the next level? Request a free Demo of Advantage SMART Practice from Compulink!

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the functionalities and benefits of the Advantage SMART Practice Solution, let’s look into some of the specific features included for Addiction, Dermatology, and Optometry practices. 


Addiction Treatment Practices

Advantage SMART Practice includes special features to accommodate the specific needs of substance abuse treatment. Addiction Advantage is unmatched in its ability to increase efficiencies, maintain compliance, and enhance patient care. 

  • All-in-one solution for EHR, practice management, e-prescribing/EPCS, eMAR, bed management, methadone dosing, and patient portals.
  • Advantage Smart Practice provides customizable, addiction-specific, templates for drug and alcohol treatment.  
  • Integrated with CONTINUUM – the ASAM Criteria Decision Engine, a comprehensive tool for assessing patients, organizing treatment priorities, and selecting the most patient-friendly and efficient, effective care placement.
  • Automated compliance reporting and help with PQRS coding.
  • And More!  Request a free demo

Dermatology Practices

Advantage Smart Practice for Dermatology is a comprehensive EHR software and Practice Management solution with innovative features designed to elevate the operations of your dermatology practice. Interested in maximizing efficiencies, improving profitability, and enhancing patient care? Here are some of the tools that can help:

  • MyDermatologyStore — break out of the outdated, brick and mortar model, and leverage our premium E-commerce platform to supply your patients with all the health and beauty products they need.
  • Dermatology-Specific templates for medical, cosmetic, and Mohs surgery that can be customized to suit the workflows of individual physicians.
  • And More!

Optometry Practices

Why do many OD’s, and numerous colleges of Optometry, rely on Advantage SMART Practice? Because no other solution makes it easier to increase their efficiency, profitability, and level of patient care. Check out some of the tailor-made features of our Optometry Advantage EHR and PM solution:

  • MyEyeStore — join the thriving world of E-commerce and let your patients order their contact lenses, solutions, and any other optical products online! 
  • Advantage boasts an extensive medical database of eye care diagnoses, histories, ocular structures, assessments, and treatment plans. 
  • Using more than 150 ophthalmic equipment interfaces, Advantage imports patient information directly into the patient’s record, making it easy to view, manipulate, and interpret using our DICOM image viewer.
  • With a revolutionary POS, lab ordering, and inventory management solution, increasing the profitability of your optical shop has never been easier. 

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With custom-built solutions for 18 different medical specialty practices, Advantage SMART Practice is the most comprehensive EHR software and PM solution available. The Advantage support and training team will be there for you every step of the way, so you can always get the most out of your service. The Advantage SMART Practice solution can give you the tools you need to run your business, with the efficiency, functionality, and automation to thrive. Request a free demo today!