Not to brag, but the team here at Compulink has created Advantage SMART Practice®, an AI-driven, all-in-one EHR and practice management solution to help take practice efficiency to the next level.  Recently our CEO and founder, Link Wilson, was featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®. During filming, a few of our clients were also interviewed so you can see what our EHR solution looks like in action. Here’s what the team at Atlanta Eye Doctors & Surgeons, In Athens, GA had to say about Compulink:

Seamless Control

One of the most common complaints about many EHR systems is the lack of integration and comprehensiveness. No clinic manager or physician wants to fight with an EHR software that does not create a seamless patient workflow through the practice. From the front office to back office, and extending into the surgery center, an efficient system should integrate the data throughout this entire workflow in a single database.  And that’s exactly what our all-in-one solution does. EHR, practice management, patient engagement, patient tracking, ASC, Optical, inventory management, lab/diagnostic testing interfaces — everything shares a common database on a single, highly scalable platform. 

According to the team at Athens Eye Doctors, this seamless control is one of the biggest benefits to our solution. For physicians and staff, it means easier access to records and other data, and easier sharing, both within the practice and with other practices. Patients see the benefits too. According to Dr. Andrew Wilson, that seamless control translates to clear and concise expectations. It leads to streamlined appointments, improved scheduling, easier transfer of documents between physicians and the ambulatory surgical center, and more. Essentially, he notes that the ability to customize our software means our solution adapts to their practice’s needs, rather than their practice adapting to our software. 

Streamlined Flow

Advantage utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate tasks and streamline patient flow. As Dr. Wilson expresses, a more streamlined flow means that he and his team can provide a better standard of care and can do so more easily. Whether that is easier charting during a surgery or tracking each patient from check-in to check-out. They use the electronic scheduling, which seamlessly connects with that patient’s health records and billing information, to minimize the amount of time each patient spends in the waiting room.  With Advantage’s ability to integrate their ASC, they can easily send patient data securely but easily to their ambulatory surgical center. 

Dr. Wilson acknowledges how easy Advantage is to learn. After coming in from another practice, he says that he picked up on how to use it without trouble. As he puts it, our clinic software is, “easy to use, it’s not too cumbersome…. I was able to pick up on it relatively easily. It’s something that is not overly complex, but at the same time, it really meets all of the government requirements as far as data collection and data transfer.” 

The Bottom Line 

Overall, the team at Athens Eye Doctors & Surgeons recommends Compulink because our comprehensiveness, customizability, and ease of use. As Dr. Anthony Demarco puts it, “No electronic health record is perfect, but I think Compulink hits it just right in combining several functions in one program. From our perspective, it’s an affordable solution that accomplishes all these tasks. Within Compulink, you’re able to service multiple areas of your practice, from billing and administration with the reports that you get, all the way to an effective and modifiable health record. I think it’s a really good program.” 

We aim to make EHR solutions that works for our clients, and clients like Dr. Wilson and Dr. Demarco are evidence that our concerted efforts have not been in vain. Don’t just take their word for it, or ours; connect with the Compulink team online, or give us a call, and you can explore all that our Advantage SMART Practice has to offer. Start with a live demo to see our all-in-one solution at work today!