Compulink CEO Link Wilson was recently featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss the features and benefits of our practice management software. The Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® team also connected with one of our longtime clients, Kentucky Eye Care, to discuss their experience working with our system. Here’s what they had to say: 


Compulink Offers a Unique Approach

According to Cortney Burden, practice administrator at Kentucky Eye Care, one of the biggest benefits they see from using Compulink’s AI-powered Advantage SMART Practice® EHR and practice management software is our unique approach to creating and providing solutions. Our clients appreciate that we’re always two steps ahead when it comes to ensuring our clients are compliant with government programs including MACRA. Not only do we guarantee to maintain our certifications, but we also offer the training our clients need to understand changes in government initiatives affect their business.

Staying two steps ahead also means keeping our products moving forward using the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline practice workflow and increase efficiency. For example, our Advantage SMART Workflow®, tracks every patient that comes through your doors from check-in to check-out. You can see where each patient is in your practice, with details like how long a patient has been sitting in the waiting room.  . 

For Kentucky Eye Care, this means an improved patient experience in trackable, useable metrics. Burden notes that they use this feature to reallocate staff when a physician or team gets backed up. Patients do not notice the change, they simply get to enjoy a shorter wait. According to Burden, Compulink’s “patient tracking takes time management to the next level.”


A Personal Approach for Every Client

Compulink has been partnering with Kentucky Eye for over 9 years. As Burden notes, we cultivate relationships with each of our clients and take a personal approach to customer service. This results in a familiar voice on the phone and someone from the Compulink team who is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of your practice. Not only do we want to treat each of our clients as individuals with unique needs, this personal approach also works to save you time. Working with someone from the Compulink team who is familiar with your practice means less time repeating explanations and more time finding the right solution for your needs. We believe that our solutions should make it easier to do what you do best and provide excellent patient care while growing your business. 


The Bottom Line

For the team at Kentucky Eye Care, working with Compulink provides a solution unlike anything else in the industry because of all-in-one, specialty-specific approach to providing a solution. For practices like Kentucky Eye Care — which hosts ophthalmological care, an optical dispensary, glaucoma services, ocular plastic services, and more — there are layers of elements to track to keep a practice running smoothly. With Compulink, you get more than just an EHR; we provide an all-in-one, single database solution that automates workflow across your entire business—from the front desk to back office, to your surgical center and optical shop. We even have an expert billing team here to help with revenue cycle management needs. 

As Burden puts it, the team at Kentucky Eye Care highly recommends Compulink.  “When comparing implementation plans, training strategies, online continued education, and customer services, there is no one in the industry doing what Compulink does on such a large scale while offering that personal connection to their clients’ success. Kentucky Eye Care is living proof.” 

Explore all that Compulink’s Advantage SMART Practice solutions can do for your practice. Connect with our team online or give us a call to start with a live demo and see the Compulink difference for yourself.