Here at Compulink, we constantly work to be on the cutting edge of practice management software. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive clinic software solution that is specialty-specific and fully integrated so our clients can enjoy a seamless workflow, better productivity, a streamlined billing process, and an ease of use that means physicians and staff will actually use it. Our founder and CEO, Link Wilson, recently spoke with Kathy Ireland of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss the advances we have been making in the world of EHR and clinic software. 

Sitting Down With Kathy Ireland

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is a weekly show on the Fox Business Network which features global executives discussing their business insights and the opportunities for change shaping their industries.


Compulink founder and CEO, Link Wilson, sat down with Kathy Ireland to delve into the struggles medical practices of all types face from EHR and practice management software currently. The biggest struggle is that most clinic software is not made with workflow in mind. Not only do most clinic software options not take a physician’s workflow into account, but they also fail at considering a patient’s start-to-end experience. The goal with our Advantage SMART Practice® software is to provide seamless options for integrating all areas of clinic operations with a patient’s care.


As Wilson discussed on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, our specialty-specific EHR and practice management software is structured to give physicians and staff a way to know exactly where every patient is. It starts with easy scheduling and automated check-ins, takes a physician through all-in-one charting with instrument integration and electronic prescribing during an appointment, and flows through to end-of-care services like integrated insurance billing and patient surveys. Compulink Advantage EHR and practice management software integrates all of the necessary elements into one comprehensive solution, rather than requiring multiple programs to accomplish the same tasks.


The advantage of our specialty-specific practice management software is that everybody benefits. Patients enjoy a better flow with less downtime at an appointment and easier digital communications with their care providers. Our EHR and practice management software also incorporates billing automation and an RCM service so a patient’s insurance can be billed and everything can be handled behind the scenes before the patient receives a bill. There are also options to improve patient engagement, including a secure patient portal and post-appointment patient surveys.


Our specialty-specific clinic software offers myriad benefits for physicians and staff. The main focus has been in developing an all-in-one charting and workflow option for each specialty. This gives physicians the options they seek for customizing charting windows for the best ease of use on an individual basis. This includes options such as displaying lab results and images in the same screen as the patient’s medical records. There are also built-in features designed to give physicians and staff a clear view of where each patient is, to better customize care.


One of the biggest focuses for our EHR and practice management software on a clinic level is that of efficiency. The more our Advantage software can help automate or simplify, the more time your staff has to focus on what matters most: providing patient care. At this level, our clinic software is designed to minimize the time your staff needs to spend filling out paperwork — saving them time and saving the practice money. Our clinic software uses AI technology to learn each user’s preferences and to continue streamlining processes as much as possible. Ultimately, that means fewer delays in billing and fewer errors, which is more time your staff can actively provide care and a more efficient workflow for everyone.

Get To Know Compulink

While the interview with our CEO has already aired on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, you can watch the full segment online. The video includes an question-and-answer session as well as interviews and real-world experience with Compulink clients. Check out the video above to learn more about our EHR and practice management software from our CEO and founder.


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*Aired on May 26, 2019 at 5:30pm EST on Fox Business Network as sponsored content