All Cloud Software is Not Created Equal

If you’re considering a Cloud-based practice management software solution, it’s important to understand that not all Cloud software is the same.

There are Web applications that can run in the Cloud; there are also Windows applications that run in the Cloud. While both use the internet to connect to servers, storage, databases, and your EHR software, that’s where the similarity ends.

There are some very real technical differences in how Web and Windows applications are designed to work in the Cloud, particularly for practice management software.  These differences are important because they impact the cost, speed, flexibility, and ultimately your productivity with a Cloud EHR. Here’s what you need to know.

Web vs Windows Cloud EHR Software – Which is the Best Choice?






Easy, Multi-Device Access

Both Web applications and Windows applications require one-time setup and “shortcuts” to access the Cloud.  Both support access from your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone device using Microsoft Windows, Apple IOS, and Google Android operating systems.

Speed & Responsiveness

Windows applications use compiled machine language code to operate.  This “pre-compiled” code generally allows them to run faster than Web applications which use HTML/Javascript and then create machine language code on the fly. If you’re looking for speed and responsiveness, Windows is the way to go.

Data Security

Unlike Web applications which constantly push your patient data across the Internet, Windows uses a remote desktop capability to simply view your data in the Cloud.  This lessens the chance of your practice management software data being intercepted during its travels, and makes Windows applications a better choice if you are concerned about maximum security.

Database Customization

Because Web applications share a database, they typically don’t allow individual users to create new fields.  With Windows applications, your practice management software database is YOUR database and can be customized to collect, track and report on any data that is important to your business and the care of your patients!

Multi-Window Support & Usability

Web applications are, by design, “stateless,” meaning they allow you to work in only one window at a time. This restriction limits your ability to enter information quickly.  In comparison, Windows applications allow you to view and update data in multiple windows at the same time for maximum productivity. For example, you can be viewing patient testing results in one window, while documenting in another.


Web applications are designed to be used “as is” and typically limit the ability to customize to simple menu picklists and drop-downs.  Windows applications, on the other hand, are designed to adapt to your workflow and provide tools to allow you to easily customize just about every part of the practice management software.  This includes screens, workflows, documents, forms, and reports.

On-Premise Solution

While you may be thinking Cloud today, if you want the option to host your EHR software solution on your own local server in the future, go with a Windows application. On-premise hosting is typically not available for most Web applications; they must run in the vendor’s Cloud.

Multi-Specialty Solution

Due to the shared nature of their database, Web EHR software typically supports a single specialty.  Their architectures simply can’t handle the complexity of serving up content (e.g. diagnoses, complaints) and specific workflows for multiple specialties.  If you are a multi-specialty practice, you will most likely find Windows applications to be a better EHR fit. They are designed to allow your providers to document using an EHR software designed specifically for their specialty while easily sharing information across care teams.

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