Maintaining product inventory, offering prompt prescription fills, and coordinating pickups can be some of the most time-consuming aspects of running an optical business.  Compulink recently added MyEyeStore technology to our comprehensive suite of practice management software as a way to provide the business solution your optometry practice needs! This addition to our software and services is designed to take your brick and mortar eye store and either move it online or supplement your clinic’s offerings, making it easier for your patients to get what they need, and for you to run your optometry practice more efficiently. 

How MyEyeStore Clinic Software Works

Adding MyEyeStore to your Compulink practice management software starts with the basics: an online store. We build a unique web store so your customers can browse all of the eye products you offer from the comfort of home, on mobile, or anywhere they choose. This freedom to shop directly on your personalized website makes it worlds easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for on a schedule that works for them. Your web store will be specifically branded with your practice name and logo, so it really will look and feel like the shop is 100% yours. From there, your patients can order contacts, dry eye products, supplements or whatever else they need using the integrated information about their prescriptions that your team added to your practice management software after their eye exam. 

We Handle Your Orders

One big goal we had in mind with MyEyeStore was to take the load off your staff so your optometry practice can run more efficiently. When it comes to order fulfillment, the Compulink/MyEyeStore team steps in and handles those processes for you. Customers can shop online, choose what they need, input payment, and place their order through the easy-to-use online shop. We receive the order, process it, and place it with the appropriate vendor or vendors. From there, each order is fulfilled and shipped directly to the customer with your store’s name and branding. The MyEyeStore software generates email notifications to keep you and your customers up to date on order progress and to provide order tracking information when the order ships. Every step of the process is seamlessly automated and white-labeled so your customers know they are shopping directly from you

Choosing What You Offer

We understand how valuable variety can be, especially for eye products. Customers demand an ever-increasing number of options or they will take their business elsewhere. MyEyeStore technology means you can provide for that demand without stretching your team or your resources thin. There are seven categories of products to choose from in the MyEyeStore portfolio. Offer all of the products in our portfolio, or pick and choose which products make the most sense for your optometry practice. If you want to narrow down your offerings, choose the categories you want to provide, or go through and select every product individually. The choice is yours! You also get to set the retail price, and our team will show you just how easy it is to update pricing in real time, as often as you choose. 

Optometry Clinic Management Software Integration

The biggest benefit to offering your own eye product web store is that MyEyeStore sites are designed to seamlessly integrate with your Compulink practice management software. Patient records, glasses prescriptions, and contact lens measurements pass between Compulink and your web store with ease so you and your patients can order the right products for their needs. Our goal is to make it easier than ever to offer your patients the eye products they need while helping you cut down on overhead expenses and reduce staff time. Patients can even set up auto-reordering and contact lens subscriptions without any extra hassle for them or for your team. The integration between Compulink and your web store will also send email and/or text message reminders to your patients to schedule an eye exam, order new contact lenses, and so on. After the eye exam is done, patient information will update across your Compulink practice management software and your web store so they can choose new glasses, order updated contact lenses, and more! 

Eye Product Web Store Ease

Here at Compulink, our goal is to provide all of our customers with a product that goes far beyond a basic clinic management software. Adding MyEyeStore technology to our practice management software suite is intended to help you run your optometry practice with better efficiency. An online web store offers better flexibility and more variety for your customers, and it also helps share in the workload that currently makes your staff feel overwhelmed. With a web store, your staff can step back from the retail side and focus better on what they want to do: help your patients’ vision needs. Since we handle the actual order fulfillment and electronic order communications, MyEyeStore provides you with the flexibility to do more while expending fewer resources — and really, isn’t that the ideal? Learn more about how MyEyeStore software integrates into the Compulink practice management software, and get a free demo. Give us a call or connect with us online to get all the details and explore all of the capabilities you can expect to see in the Compulink/MyEyeStore software integration.