Here at Compulink Healthcare Solutions we never stop striving to become a better and better company. We want our clients to know that they can always count on us for the best product possible. Recently, our dedication to being the very best in the industry was recognized on the FrontRunners® for Electronic Medical Records list of the top EHR software on the market in January 2019.

We are honored to have made this prestigious list and we owe it all to the incredible team that comprises the whole of our company. Our goal is to never stop leading the way in EHR and Practice Management solutions so that we can continue to offer you the very best in cutting-edge technology. Check out more information below about this incredible recognition and about how our company made the list.

How FrontRunners Chooses Their List

Utilizing real reviews, FrontRunners is able to assess the usability and level of user recommendation of an array of medical software. This list spans across North America and is focused on the platforms that an ambulatory practice could utilize with ease.

In order to create their report, FrontRunners considered over 200 different electronic medical records product and choose only those with the top scores for usability and recommendations. The end result is a prestigious list of the very best EHR companies.

The Areas Being Assessed

The two major factors that are considered when creating the final list are scores related to usability and user recommendations. This is all done utilizing actual data from real user ratings. For this reason, only software that has at least 20 reviews published within the last year and a half are considered. These platforms must meet a minimum user rating score.

Not only that, but in order to be added to the final list, the EHR has to offer an array of functionalities. For example, one requirement for this award is the ability to create and store patient records digitally.

At the end of the day, only those products which real users rated highly for usability and said they would recommend to others can make the final list. For this reason, we consider it a high honor to have been given a place on this prestigious list. This award is a reflection of the way real clients feel about our products, which makes us extremely grateful to every business who has chosen to use Compulink Healthcare Solutions for their EHR and practice management needs. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the incredible support of our clients.

The Unique Features That Make Us Stand Out

Compulink Healthcare Solutions originated in 1985 out of a desire to help specialty medical practices which were previously drowning in paperwork. We introduced a brand new practice management software — Advantage. Our desire was to help our clients increase their efficiency allowing them to focus on patient care. So what is it that makes us stand out? Check out a few of the incredible features that have fueled our growth thus far.

Artificial Intelligence

Powered by artificial intelligence, our Advantage SMART Practice® uses real-time data to drive efficiencies across your practice. Our all-in-one system completely automates administrative tasks to maximize your time with patients and deliver better financial results for your business.


As was pointed out by our placement on the FrontRunners list, one of the best facets of our platform is how simple it is to use. We have added in an array of features that make it much easier to navigate our system. For example, with our OneTab™ layout, you can easily access an entire exam from one screen. This makes documentation much simpler and far more efficient. Our goal is to constantly improve usability so that every task is easier and easier.


We offer the industry’s most customizable EHR solution. The end user can effectively control how the screen layout (clinical data templates) appears, for faster, more efficient exams and patient throughput. Exam screens, workflows, databases, reports and business rules can all be customized. We offer customization services to expedite successful utilization of the changes or provide many free resources for you to optimize a solution to fit your needs.

Revenue Management

Getting paid is important, which is why we focused on including an all-in-one revenue cycle management solution in our software. We help make it simple for you to handle all your billing needs. Our expert billing staff will track and manage your claims. This ensures that you are getting paid for the services you deliver.

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Here at Compulink Healthcare Solutions, we are proud to have made our way on FrontRunners top electronic medical records list. We will continue to work hard to ensure that our products are the very best available. If you are interested in learning more about what makes us stand out in the industry, we invite you to reach out today to request a demo of our product. We look forward to helping your practice streamline and optimize your daily operations.