SMART solutions to power your practice

Transform your practice with our Advantage SMART Practice™ suite of features. Powered by artificial intelligence technology, SMART Practice uses real-time data from your clinic to optimize efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and increase revenue. Learn more about the unique benefits of utilizing artificial intelligence technology for medical software.

Our SMART task automation engine uses your business rules to automatically complete tasks including running and distributing reports and sending patient appointment reminder email/texts.

Advantage SMART Workflow®
With our SMART workflow engine, Advantage knows which patient you’re seeing based on their room assignment and automatically displays their record when needed. Advantage also lets you know who is waiting, where you need to go next, and keeps you constantly informed for maximum efficiency all through the use of artificial intelligence technology.

Advantage SMART Patient Engagement™
Engage patients on their mobile device as they arrive and during their visit to your office. Personalize content on each patient’s appointment type and diagnosis. Generate leads in real-time during the patient visit. Survey patients on their office experience.

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Mobile Patient Engagement

Stay connected, reduce no-shows, and market your services

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Advantage SMART Practice®

Using artificial intelligence to help you achieve optimal efficiency.

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Advantage RCM

Do less work and get paid more faster with our expert billing services.

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