Interactive animations and videos for patient education

Help your patients visualize conditions and treatments with VueCare Media’s VueSimulatorTM —the industry’s most interactive, easy-to-use and state-of-the-art patient education and marketing software!

Faster, simpler, more complete patient education. VueSimulator allows you to educate patients and their families in 20 seconds or less, using sophisticated 3D animations, graphics, videos and multiple viewing angles of eye anatomy.

Fully integrated with Compulink’s Electronic Health Records (EHR). VueSimulator seamlessly integrates with Compulink’s Advantage/EHR to streamline your clinical workflow and deliver patient-specific educational resources as required for Meaningful Use. At the touch of button, your Compulink software will present patients with informational videos based on their specific diagnosis.

Seamlessly fits your workflow. From the exam room, consultation room, pre-test area and optical dispensary — VueSimulator can be accessed on any PC or tablet connected to your Compulink system. Easy to use, VueSimulator requires little to no training.

Elevate your practice and revenue. VueSimulator allows you to offer your patients and their families an enhanced educational experience, eliminating the fear of procedures while increasing conversions, patient retention and referrals.

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Over 100 different educational videos on major eye conditions and treatments

Dynamic Timeline Controller to show progression of conditions and benefits of surgery and treatment options

Interactive Freehand Illustrator feature to draw or write on the screen

Multiple viewing angles of the eye depicting progression of conditions and effect of treatment, all on the same page for easy viewing

Screen enlargements for in-depth demonstrations

Minimal clicks for easy interaction

Short videos integrated within the software to explain conditions and procedures

Walk patients through conditions and treatments in 20 seconds or less

Increases practice efficiency

Decreases chair time with patient

Easy to use

Facilitates conversations for effective patient understanding and retention

Helps patients and their families visualize conditions/treatments, enhancing their confidence and thereby increasing conversaions for treatment options

Can be used in multiple areas within the office: exam room, consultation room, pre-test area and optical dispensary