When Dr. Maritza Perez, of Advanced DermAesthetics in New Cannan, Connecticut decided to open her own practice in 2013, she had a clear vision of how she wanted to care for her patients, as well as manage her business.

As a physician with a unique specialization in both medical and cosmetic dermatology including Mohs surgery and laser, she wanted to offer patients comprehensive care in a highly personalized setting. As a business owner, she needed to keep expenses low and staff at a minimum. From experience at her previous practice, she knew that the right Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) and Practice Management system would let her do both.

The Right Clinical Fit
With such an all-encompassing approach to dermatology, finding an EHR that could meet all her clinical needs proved challenging. From her experience helping her previous practice implement Nextech, she knew the system would be far too rigid. She also looked into EHR’s from SRSsoft and Modernizing Medicine, but found them either too expensive, not dermatology specific, or missing support for the many clinical areas of her practice.

Finally, after seeing a demonstration of Compulink’s Cloud-based Dermatology Advantage she knew it was the right fit. She loved the streamlined, user-friendly design and, most importantly, Compulink was the only dermatology EHR capable of supporting both her Mohs, medical, and aesthetic patients.

Compulink’s intelligent Visual Documentation Engine (VDE), allows her nurse to automatically generate exam documentation and orders in seconds by drawing onto a touchscreen or tablet. A patient’s medication and health history are immediately accessible at any point, which ensures safety and increases the quality of care. “I really like that my Compulink software supports all the types of exams I perform in one product and that I can constantly customize the system to adapt to how I like to work,” states Perez.

More Patient Time. More Practice Income.
Since implementing Compulink, Dr. Perez has been able to achieve her goal of keeping her and her staff focused on patient care while keeping overhead low. Time saving features including online patient web registration, makes it possible for her to keep only one nurse and one business manager on her staff.

On the business side, Advantage’s ability to support billing of both medical and cosmetic procedures puts her in control of her overall business by being able to look at these components separately, and determine their productivity through individualized reporting and monitoring tools. “I know what is happening in each area of my practice,” says Perez, “I have a sort of omniscient view of the practice, which makes life a little easier for me.” Advantage also offers diverse solutions for all her insurance needs. This is especially beneficial with her Mohs procedures, which are documented exactly as insurance companies require, saving her office manager time and allowing that focus to go elsewhere. Says Perez, “I was looking for a system to manage all aspects of my practice and Advantage has proven to be everything I anticipated and even better.”

The Compulink Advantage
Dr. Perez particularly appreciates that Compulink listens to her input and allows her involvement in the development of their product. She loves seeing her input reflected in improvements to the system. “Any dermatologists investigating Compulink should know it is not a static product. We are able to involve ourselves in improving and developing it,” says Perez.

Dr. Perez says the reason she has recommended Advantage in the past and will do so in the future is because it is the only EHR with the flexibility to manage all dermatology subspecialties. It allows her practice to operate the way she envisioned it before branching out on her own. “Compulink understands that medicine cannot be practiced in a checkbox. They give us the freedom to oversee our practice and our patients how we see fit,” says Perez, “With Compulink it’s just easier.”

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