Prior to switching to Compulink’s Cloud Eyecare Advantage, Dr. Weber of Spring Hill, Florida, had developed what he believed at the time to be an effective paper and pencil records and billing system. However, due to the demands of running a private practice and a Walmart located vision center, compounded with the ever-growing complexities of insurance and the government’s Meaningful Use mandate, Dr. Weber realized that the upgrade to EHR (Electronic Healthcare Records) was long overdue. He began searching for a proven solution that would be easy to deploy, and without an overwhelming initial IT investment in new hardware and servers. As he began investigating his options and asking around to different colleagues and institutions, he was intrigued that most schools and many practices he contacted were using Compulink. The more he learned about Compulink, the more impressed he became. He loved that with Advantage’s cloud solution, both of his offices were completely synchronized and able to operate in harmony and without network issues. “I evolved from what I had thought to be a great system to what I have now with Compulink and it makes me laugh because Eyecare Advantage on the cloud blows everything else away,” says Weber, “It makes no sense not to have it.”

Cutting-Edge with the Cloud
Dr. Weber’s interest in the cloud stemmed from the fact that he had zero-interest in the major undertaking of establishing a network, investing in hardware, upgrading software, and maintaining records on site. It seemed an unnecessary burden in today’s day and age. He loved that with a simple software download, all his computers were synced up to Compulink’s servers, providing instant access to all his records, whether he is at either of his offices or working remotely. He also appreciated how the reliability of the cloud minimized his IT expenses and eliminated the need for staff technicians or IT personnel. The peace of mind that came from knowing all his files are automatically secured and backed-up was invaluable. “Everything is done entirely through the cloud. It’s so easy, all we need is an internet connection and we’re good to go,” says Weber, “Cloud computing is no longer the wave of the future, it is now.”

A driving factor for moving to EHR was the appeal of going completely paperless. Now his entire optical business, medical billing and patient records are stored securely in the cloud, eliminating the need for antiquated paper documents, effectively a green office. An unexpected result has been the monthly savings from eliminating items like prescription pads, folders, optical coders, and paper reams. Considering paper costs alone, Weber saves enough to cover 80% of his monthly Compulink service. This is reason enough to switch to EHR. Additionally, he likes being able to track all his patient’s movements between stations within the office without having to follow them with a folder in hand. He appreciates the freedom to customize the screens to his preferences and specifications. Having his own pre-set templates for every type of office visit, available at the click of a button increases speed and ensures quality control by acting as a backup guide through the exam. At the end of an exam, coding each diagnoses is as simple as selecting the right code from a pre-set tab on his screen. Weber’s screen sequence is designed for optimal efficiency because he customized it in the way that he prefers his exam to flow rather than having to learn someone else’s design. “There are no short cuts. I am far more thorough and detailed using Advantage as the backbone of my exams,” says Weber, “It’s an incredible system.”

When asked about what cloud-based features he commonly relies on, Dr. Weber says his offices use all aspects of Advantage, from eRx, Compulink’s comprehensive E-Prescription portal, patient web registration, for uploading case histories and demographics, Emdeon ERA (Electronic Remittance Device) for filing claims, and generating end of day reports to monitor all aspects of his business. He loves how seamlessly Advantage handles complex insurance billing issues, which allows him to operate his practice on a medical model. Prior to Advantage, he had an optician working on billing for at least 20 hours per week. However, Advantage has greatly simplified this process. The optician has now gained back those hours to see patients and concentrate on opticianry. Even a seemingly simple thing like the Instant Messaging feature has been tremendous for efficiency because he can freely communicate with staff at either location on the fly and without having to leave the exam room. He sees all these things as key in helping his practice operate to its fullest potential. Weber says, “Compulink is built to handle everything. It takes the potential nightmare situations of running a busy practice and turns it all into a manageable process.”

Better Care
Dr. Weber confirms that Advantage has completely impacted his patient’s perception of his practice. He has expanded the size and scope of his practice, and is now operating at such a higher level of efficiency that his patient’s cannot help but notice. “They see the screens as I go through the exam, which not only helps them to understand their care, but also gives them confidence that I am up to speed on all the latest medical issues and technologies,” says Weber. While he still spends the same amount of time per patient as he did prior to Advantage, the software allows significantly more detail without the charting time. “The total time and attention dedicated towards the patient is far greater,” says Weber, “And they can see that.”

Compulink Cloud, The Perfect Solution
For any doctor wanting to fully maximize his or her practice, Dr. Weber believes that Compulink’s cloud-based EHR is the clear solution. Says Weber, “When it comes to EHR I want something complete, elaborate, customizable, secure and easy to maintain. Compulink’s cloud system is the perfect solution.”

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