After ten years with another software system, Dr. Carla J. Emery made the switch to Compulink’s Podiatry Advantage Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) and Practice Management software in April 2010, shortly after relocating her practice to a new office. Even amidst an office move, she found the transition to Compulink easy for her practice and small staff of two, because it had everything they needed to move forward.

The Compulink Advantage
Dr. Emery was attracted to Advantage because it is completely dedicated to podiatry and the needs of a podiatric practice. “We liked the attention and specificity, and that it’s just for us,” she says.

Having been in practice for over thirty years, Dr. Emery was reluctant at first to make the switch from all paper records to an EHR system. Beginning the transformation to paperless seemed daunting, and she didn’t know where to start, however she found that Compulink’s unparalleled support team was there to answer all her questions and to make the transition seamless. “Compulink was there any time we needed anything. They answered our questions and made sure we did it right, and it turned out to be great,” says Emery.

When speaking on the clumsiness of the old paper records systems of the past, Dr. Emery recalls having to flip through a whole patient record and check off all the information along the way. She says that with Advantage it’s been a “great relief that we no longer have to do that. A full patient history is available in a glance.” The decision to go paperless has not only lead to greater productivity and workflow for the office, but it has increased billing efficiency and overall profitability. Perhaps the greatest benefit of going paperless is that Dr. Emery’s practice now feels current—even after 30 years in practice—and she attributes Advantage to keeping her cutting edge.

Training and Support
As a smaller podiatry office Dr. Emery has relied on Compulink’s online training and support opportunities to keep her office moving forward. She found their online library of recorded classes very helpful, and she particularly liked the webinars where she was able to link in to a network of support experts, as well as other podiatrists, and listen to their questions as well as ask her own.

Dr. Emery especially liked how Compulink treated her small practice with the same attention and level of personalized care as if they were a large practice. She is impressed that Compulink continually listens to her input before they make a software update or change. With her office’s previous software system, they were required to purchase mandatory updates every two years. Aside from being costly, she found the last several updates to be completely irrelevant to her office and book keeping needs. “Compulink asks what I like, what needs to be changed, and what needs to be added, so when we get an update it’s really everything we need,” says Emery. She enjoys no longer feeling as if an unwanted and ineffective update is being “rammed down her throat”. And with Compulink’s training and support the updates are made easy. “Advantage’s updates are ready for me to download and go to work. That helps a small practice, and I like that they’re listening.”

Whether with the electronic billing, online patient registration, or online access to patient records, Dr. Emery likes that Advantage provides the kind of features that can keep her feeling “in the loop”. In her practice, they have found great benefit from Advantage’s webcam feature, which attaches a picture of the patient to their medical records and exam page. They have the patient pose for the photo as they are leaving, which they have found serves as a nice conclusion to the visit. Dr. Emery notes, “The patients have been very amenable to the process and like getting their picture taken, and I like it because seeing the patient in the records jogs my memory for small details that may not have been written down, but that I want to put in the record. It puts the face to the name.”

Meaningful Use
Dr. Emery’s practice is now qualified for the government’s Meaningful Use program, and received their first incentive check last year. She acknowledges that her practice may not have gotten through the qualifying process without Compulink’s support. The Compulink staff helped provide the right documentation to begin working with the government, and then answered all her questions throughout the process. She was able to participate in online webinars to prepare her for Meaningful Use, and the Compulink team even audited her practice’s numbers to further prepare her for the exam. “They gave us everything we needed. All we had to do was follow instructions,” Emery states, “and that was a great relief, especially for our first time.”

The Compulink Choice
Dr. Emery has been proud to recommend Podiatry Advantage to several other podiatrists because “The software doesn’t have to be modified for a podiatry practice. It’s just for us and it’s the most thorough podiatric software I’ve seen.”

Once Dr. Emery’s practice made the switch to Podiatry Advantage she felt they truly began moving forward. “It’s far more detailed than other systems. It is completely comprehensive and it covers everything. As a practitioner, I like to cover my back, and Advantage lets me do that because it’s very thorough. Now I’m not going to miss anything.”

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