Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), Carol Morrison, knew she needed a new billing solution for her practice after becoming unhappy with her off-site billing service. That’s when she came across Podiatry Advantage. Initially, she was attracted to Advantage because of its cost-effectiveness and user-friendly approach, both key features for her office needs. In addition, she liked that Compulink gave her the ability to switch to an Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) system at the same time.

After making the switch to Advantage in 2011, Dr. Morrison admits that, at first, changing her office over to an entirely new system was a daunting task. “As with all new programs, there is a learning curve,” she says, “but Compulink was there to get us through the difficulties of the transition.”

Only two years since joining the Compulink team Dr. Morrison is grateful she made the change. “I’m glad I took the jump. It would have been easy enough to just not do it, but Compulink has been patient and supportive,” she says, “and that made it easy for us.”

By offering the most comprehensive software on the market, Compulink provides a customizable solution to meet the demands of any practice. Dr. Morrison appreciates that as the needs of her practice evolve, they are able to adapt Advantage to their own style and workflow. She has noticed how easy it is to pull up notes and records from a patient’s previous visit, and she likes that Compulink is continually improving the product. Advantage has increased efficiency for her entire staff, as billing ledgers and remittances are easily pulled up and adjusted, and information is conveniently scanned into the system and added to patient records. Online patient registration saves her staff headaches and allows them to focus on the patient, rather than intake forms. Additionally, with online scheduling they can quickly pull up a record of a patient’s past and future appointments, as well as a record of any appointments the patient missed or cancelled.

The Cloud
Having moved entirely over to Compulink’s Cloud solution earlier this year, Dr. Morrison and her staff notice how much time is now saved at the end of each day. Eliminating the need to manually back up data and electronic records, the Cloud allows them to keep their focus on patient care and the other needs of the office.

Dr. Morrison also sees the benefits that the Cloud service has on the future of her practice. “At this point our office hasn’t gone completely paperless. That’s a big step. However,” she adds, “I can see how with Compulink and the Cloud solution that would be possible.”

Medicare and Meaningful Use Incentives
A major factor in going with Advantage’s EHR system was that it is sanctioned by Medicare. Dr. Morrison’s practice has been able to participate in Medicare’s Meaningful Use incentive program, and she credits Compulink for making that process easy. With Advantage she’s able to make sure her practice is staying within the guidelines, and despite upcoming changes to the coding and requirements, she knows Compulink will keep up with all these changes and continue to make the process as simple as possible.

Compulink has built its reputation on industry leading customer support by providing the same level of care for small offices, such as Dr. Morrison’s, as they do for large practices. Dr. Morrison and her staff give high praise for the support team’s fast response time and patience. When questions arise, customer support is able to log in to Dr. Morrison’s system and fix the problem remotely, which saves her staff time and worry.

Better Notation
Out of all the features that Advantage offers, perhaps the greatest benefit that Dr. Morrison has seen is the improvement in her notes. She acknowledges that she’s always taken good and thorough notes, but Advantage has given her the tools to streamline her note taking, which in turn, has improved the efficiency of her daily work schedule. Dr. Morrison recalls the old routine of taking home stacks of charts at the end of the workday to catch up on notes, and is glad those days are behind her. With Advantage, she is able to make complete notes and send out all necessary documentation for her morning patients by lunch-time, and her afternoon patients are finished by the end of the workday. The new system is efficient enough that she can leave the office shortly after her last patient, freeing her up to focus on other things.

The Right Choice
Dr. Morrison offers this advice to other Podiatric Practices in need of a change, “You can make Podiatry Advantage what you want it to be. Make it simple from the beginning and add on from there to fit your needs,” she continues, “Compulink gives me a lot for my money. They really take care of us.”

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