“Our practice management software had outlived its capacity to grow with the practice,” says Dallas Eye Associates administrator Debbie Weiss. “As I researched new systems, one of my primary criteria was to find a company that could also be our partner as we moved into electronic health records (EHR),” she says. At the helm of what patients perceive as a high-tech, state-of-the-art practice, Weiss was determined not to be left behind technologically. “EHR is the future of medicine,” she believes.

The Compulink Solution
Compulink’s Ophthalmology Advantage for Total Workflow Integration
“We wanted a system that could do it all and, with Compulink, that’s what we got,” says Ms. Weiss. They implemented the practice management software in April 2008, and went “live” with Advantage/EHR six months later. Good planning and superb training from Compulink made for a very smooth transition. “This was my fourth database conversion and it was, by far, the easiest.” she says. “When we implemented EHR, we slowed the schedule down for a two-week period to allow technicians and doctors time to learn the system, but were quickly back to our normal productivity.” Today, the practice utilizes every product Compulink offers, from patient web registration to EHR, optical shop inventory, and electronic claims and remittances.” It’s wonderful not to worry about how the parts of the system will work together,” she says.

The Outcome
Cut Costs and Increase Efficiency
“Within two weeks of implementing EHR, I eliminated two staff positions, at a cost savings of about $100,000”, says Weiss. The practice had always used scribes in the exam rooms, and now those scribes could post insurance claims themselves through Compulink, reducing the need for billing and filing clerks. The practice also cut its printing and paper costs by 32% that first year.

“Our doctors love the accessibility of electronic records—they can access charts from the exam room, surgery center, or home—and they don’t have stacks of charts and messages waiting for them at the end of the day.” says Weiss. “As an administrator, I have much better oversight of financial metrics and even employee behavior, thanks to Compulink’s extensive reporting capabilities. Their reports are the equal of any other in the industry, and at a fraction of the cost of some of the systems that constantly publicize their reports.

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