In response to the requirements imposed on physicians to implement an electronic health record system, I researched and contacted numerous companies. Obviously, the larger systems seemed ideal for integration and HIPAA-compliant sharing of patient information with other providers and their systems. However, larger systems do not cater to the needs of the smaller private practices. Some would not separate financial confidentiality of patient’s ledgers between different providers and staff.

In addition, many electronic health record systems did not focus on the specific ENT templates required to streamline an otolaryngology examination.

Compulink, however, was receptive to all my needs. When problems arose, Compulink had an IT team available to quickly address my practice needs without significant downtime. Their training team was very polite and helpful.

I had several patients comment that Compulink’s pre-registration link to be very helpful and pleasantly unique. My billing staff find the billing tools easy to use and supportive. My front office likes how easy it is to navigate within Compulink to make appointments.

Finally, I found the cost of their system extremely competitive. I implemented Compulink into my three surgeon otolaryngology practice over a year ago, and am highly satisfied with my decision.

I strongly recommend Compulink’s EHR and Practice Management system to any otolaryngology practice for its ENT specificity, ease of use, cost, confidentiality, and friendly personal customer support.

By Romeo C. Agbayani, Jr, MD
Owner & CEO
Marin ENT
Greenbrae, CA 94904


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