For years, Dr. Paul Degenaer, an independent Walmart practitioner next to the Vision Clinic in McKinney Texas, had contemplated upgrading his practice to a cloud-based EHR (Electronic Healthcare Records) but had found enough success with his own self-created system for record keeping that he did not feel any urgency. His system consisted of a combination of Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat for record filing, and relying on standard clearing houses for insurance filing. However, eventually the changes within the insurance industry, as well as a need for greater security for his records caught up with his practice and he felt he could no longer keep up. He knew that in finding the right cloud-based EHR he would finally be able to provide his practice with the necessary security and efficiency improvements to keep his business on the cutting-edge.

Degenaer had been familiar with Compulink’s EHR system for over a decade, and was a fan. So when the idea of switching to EHR came up again this year, he already knew the first place he wanted to look. Upon reexamining Compulink, Degenaer found that with all the benefits from reduced payroll, improved accuracy, and faster accounts receivable and insurance reimbursements, Compulink’s Cloud Eyecare Advantage was a product he could no longer afford to be without. “The biggest reason I chose Compulink versus other providers is because their industry-leading cloud-based solution offers me everything I need in my practice,” says Degenaer, “They’ve developed a sterling reputation as a leader, not only in Optometry, but also within the whole healthcare industry, which is why they are the best.”

Quick, Painless Transition to EHR with Outstanding Support
One of the reasons that Degenaer chose Compulink is because of their reputation and 30 year history of serving optometric practices. He trusted that Compulink was the best partner to help his practice through such a major transition, and his trust was quickly rewarded as he experienced an implementation process geared entirely around his success. He describes the process as painless and he was able to do it in just 90 days without slowing down his patient load. He attributes this to his full commitment to utilizing the available training. “Compulink’s training and support is absolutely fantastic. My questions are always answered immediately,” says Degenaer.

He and his staff dedicated three hours of hands-on training per week over the course of three months. “We began using the program in July, right before our back to school rush and I was worried that I would have difficulties with the conversion,” says Degenaer, “However, thanks to ours and Compulink’s full commitment, we did not miss a beat.”

Secure, Feature Rich Cloud Solution
A deciding factor in Degenaer’s switch to Advantage was for its cloud based security, which he sees as the best of any Cloud EHR provider for retail. By going paperless and relying on a trusted and proven cloud based system to back up his files, he has more time to focus on learning and utilizing the many features Advantage provides to enhance his practice. He and his staff love the features and are constantly finding new features to enhance their business. “I absolutely love how it allows me to see better ways to document my patient’s conditions and do it in a clear and concise manner,” Degenaer adds, “It is as if I have a mentor next to me during each patient encounter guiding me to document my findings so that I can render better optometric care to my patients.” He appreciates the reassurance provided by having Advantage there to give him answers and feedback. “It allows me to logically order my thoughts and remain oriented throughout the exam, which greatly increases my proficiency,” says Degenaer.

Amongst his other favorite features is diagnostic imaging and how easy it is to automatically load a patient’s images into an exam. Now he can immediately pull up old and new photos to look for diabetic changes and comparison values in order to find anomalies. His patients also appreciate online registration and scheduling. Parents love being able to fill out paperwork for their two or three kids from home the night before, and walk-ins can use a tablet in his office to fill out their forms on the spot. Having all the registration data online eliminates the stress of worrying about keeping HIPAA compliance. These are tools that set his business apart in a highly competitive retail area. Advantage provides the wow factor that he says his patients are looking for.

Greater Efficiency, More Income
The increased efficiency and accuracy has been so great that he was able to reduce his overall staffing by two employees and since going live, his charting is the best in 22 years of practice. His accounts receivable are at the lowest level he has seen in years, with the average time drastically decreased from 60 days to only 15 days. In fact, he cites this past quarter as his best quarter ever, due in large part to his partnership with Compulink. “We are getting paid extremely fast and extremely accurately and everything is working better,” Degenaer laughs and adds, “My office manager absolutely loves it.”

Better Patient Care
Dr. Degenaer recommends that if practices looking to grow are deciding between hiring additional employees versus switching to EHR, Advantage is clearly the wiser choice and the greater return on investment. While he appreciates the true savings in employee costs, accuracy, and efficiency, he adds that most importantly, Advantage helps make him a better doctor and practitioner. Degenear says, “It has reenergized me and shown me ways to provide even better patient care. It is like having another doctor sitting on my shoulder.”

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