The only constant is change. That well-known quote holds true in podiatry practice as well. When Terry Boykoff first started using electronic medical records over 10 years ago, his practice was very different. “In the last decade, Santa Monica Podiatry Group has absorbed four other podiatry practices, eliminated over 38,000 paper records and jumped on board the government’s meaningful use program,” says Boykoff. “We needed a practice management software company that would grow with us and allow us to completely automate our business, improving efficiency and patient care.”

The Compulink Solution
Boykoff evaluated several different practice management and electronic record platforms, and chose Podiatry Advantage in 2002 because he felt that, “Compulink understood my profession, had excellent customer service, and was reasonable financially. I have not regretted my decision.” Initially, Compulink helped Santa Monica Podiatry Group determine their hardware needs, set up an internal server and efficiently and seamlessly transferred their paper records. Over the last decade, Compulink has grown with them, integrating important services such as e-prescribing and online patient registration.

“Advantage provides important customization tools that allow me to continue to tailor the software to our needs,” states Boykoff. They have customized the drop-down menus, the coding tabs and the medical record tabs, among others. They recently customized their system to prioritize the most common diagnosis codes and then added the corresponding semi-custom templates to guide the user to necessary assessment and treatment plans. This speeds up the process of getting all the necessary information in the record, and contributes to efficient and correct medical decision making. Best of all, the process is documented for meaningful use requirements. “Approximately 45 percent of our patients are on Medicare, and last year four of our providers collected the Stimulus Incentive. Using EHR for 10 years already really put us ahead of the game in practice management as well as meeting government mandates and being eligible for the financial incentives,” remarks Boykoff.

The Outcome
“Thanks to Compulink and their evolving and forward-thinking platforms, Santa Monica Podiatry Group is ahead of the curve when it comes to office efficiency and patient care,” says Boykoff. “By using only electronic records, we are able to track our patients through the office from the time they enter until they leave. We know exactly what needs to be done from a health care perspective, and the patients’ financial records are always updated.” Compulink offers e-prescriptions, online patient registration and electronic patient records for their patients’ convenience.

Using Compulink’s Podiatry Advantage software in the billing arena was instrumental in the practice being able to analyze insurance contracts and keep up with billing to insurance companies and patients alike. “The response time of Compulink’s technical support team has been timely and effective when software billing issues or report generation for insurance companies are in question,” says Boykoff. “This has been a tremendous help in the daily operations of our practice.”

Santa Monica Podiatry Group sees well over 1,000 patients per month, and state-of-the-art equipment to treat them, such as shockwave therapy, high intensity laser therapy, cryoprobe and laser light therapy. With Advantage, they are able to color code the appointments to denote if a patient will be using the whirlpool or will need a room with a laser or other treatment modality. They are also able to modify time blocks so that an appointment can be scheduled for the exact amount of time a procedure requires. Boykoff states, “These tools have allowed us to improve patient flow and be more efficient, using our practice space to its maximum ability rather than duplicating pieces of equipment or requiring more square footage.”

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