Mark Milleville, PT, had worked for 14 years in a large group practice that relied on an electronic practice management system, so he had seen the benefits of automation firsthand. “When I opened Wheatfield Physical Therapy in North Tonawanda, N.Y., I purposely wanted to keep it small,” he says. “My partner and I planned to do most of the billing and financial management ourselves, so we knew we needed a system that could make it easier for us,” he says. But of course, cost was a huge concern for the fledgling practice. “I went through demos of a lot of different programs looking for the same functionality I’d seen in the large group practice at a price that a small practice could afford.  In truth, I wasn’t sure I could find that,” he says.

The Solution: Functionality, Affordability, and the Opportunity to Expand to EHR
But Milleville found all the features he was looking for, plus excellent training and support, customizability and ease of use in Compulink’s Physical Therapy AdvantageTM. “Compulink offered me everything I needed to run our practice the way I wanted at a price that I could afford,” he says. “What I found most appealing is that the system is expandable beyond just practice management. I realized that with Compulink, we could easily transition to electronic health records (EHR) as we grow, without having to research software all over again,” Milleville says.

The Result: Post Charges in Minutes and Keep Revenues Flowing
“The billing is perfect for what we need,” he says. “Coding, posting charges, and processing electronic remittances is so easy that I can do it in a matter of minutes, and we get paid quickly, which provides more reliable cash flow for a small practice.” Given that patients typically have many similar sessions after the initial evaluation, he finds the feature that lets him code a visit “same as last” extremely helpful. “Compulink makes in-house billing so easy that it really isn’t worth the cost or hassle to use an outside billing service,” he says.

Part of what makes it so easy to use is that the system can be customized. “Compulink helped me create a separate screen for N.Y. State Worker’s Compensation, because we need to enter specific information for those claims that we don’t need for any other type of insurance,” Milleville explains. The customized template prints out a form identical to the worker’s comp form, saving the practice time because they can submit it directly without re-entering anything. “This system is infinitely customizable,” he says. “That really reassured me that when I’m ready to go to EHR, it will be able to meet my needs.”

Pearls for Success
Milleville believes that even small practices can reap big benefits from moving away from manual processes towards electronic ones. “The accessibility of being able to sign off on charges or check my schedule for the next morning from home has been great,” he says. Moreover, he says, electronic systems offer far better control over the practice.

“As a business owner, I like having personal control and responsibility for the practice finances,” Milleville says. “But even if you choose to delegate more of the billing and financial oversight, software that has extensive reporting capabilities like Compulink’s makes it much easier to keep your finger on the pulse of your practice.”

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