A comprehensive electronic health records (EHR) and practice management system designed
for podiatry practices can provide flexibility and strong support for today’s busy providers.

Podiatry Advantage™ offers a single solution for office workflow, including EHR, practice
management, e-prescribing and patient engagement, according to the manufacturer Compulink.
The company says the system also features adaptive learning technology, meaning it has the flexibility to cater to
individual practice styles.

Steven Vines, DPM, has been using EHR systems since 1998. His decision to go with Podiatry Advantage was
based on several factors, including the ease at which the program could be modified as well as the company’s
longevity and viability in the market.

“The support system was [also] paramount in my decision making,” says Dr. Vines, a Fellow of the American College
of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

Dr. Vines cites the challenges associated with transitioning to an electronic practice management system.

“Anyone who thinks it’s easy does not understand the mechanics and changes that are needed. The advantages of
transitioning to Compulink were the company’s training and technical support. This is one of the easiest transitions
I’ve ever had and [I] appreciate the ability to contact support and get my questions and issues resolved instantly.
This is a major issue that is often underappreciated by new users,” says Dr. Vines, who is in private practice in
California.  Read More

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