Gain greater revenue and better control of your practice

Beyond simple billing and scheduling, Advantage is a medical practice management that streamlines your total patient workflow to lower operating costs, maximize revenues and increase patient satisfaction.

Maximize Patient Volume with Fast Scheduling
Easily customize schedules by provider, resource or location. Search for appointment times based on insurance plan participation, patient preferences or the availability of multiple resources connected with a patient’s visit. Move appointments through simple drag and drop method.

Advantage SMART Workflow®
Advantage is a medical practice management that automatically monitors and optimizes the flow of patients through your office. It knows which patient you’re seeing based on their room assignment and automatically displays their record when needed. Advantage also lets you know who is waiting, where you need to go next, and keeps you constantly informed for maximum efficiency. Plus, powerful reporting allows you to analyze average encounter times by appointment reason, exam type, or tracking station.

SMART Automated Billing
Our automated insurance billing and scrubbing capabilities reduce the time necessary to generate claims by an estimated 90%. Eligibility, claims submission, and ERA posting can be scheduled to run unattended, freeing up staff time. Advantage also includes SMART tools our claim edit worklist to help reduce AR days and improve cash flow.

Advantage SMART Marketing™
Automated text/email reminders, wait/reschedule list management and a powerful recall system help you retain patients and build your business, making this a full-service medical practice management software.

Staff Productivity Tools
Advantage helps your staff stay organized with features including instant messaging, to-do lists, worklists and alerts that can be customized to meet your specific business rules.

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Advantage SMART Practice®

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